Cloud Development

What is it?
Cloud Development is simply an architecture and methodology where your application or system is developed and designed to run using cloud technologies. This provides many advantages over older and more-traditional models. The cloud gives your systems more flexibility and power to solve your business problems.

Your business has unique challenges. There will be times when an off-the-shelf application won't solve your specific pain points. A customized cloud application will. Encore Web Works can build a custom application to fit your specific needs that is often more cost-efficient than pre-packaged software suites.

We're data experts. We can help you design and implement databases to help manage your valuable data and drive other applications.

Your website is still the first-impression (or last-impression) made on a prospective client. One of the easiest ways to stay ahead of your competition is to operate a well-organized, attractive, search-friendly website. Most web companies can simply create a graphical representation for the web. Encore Web Works can put the power of technology behind your website to make it attractive and highly functional. We believe your website should drive business to your door.

We're experts in cloud and web technology. If you need consulting, technology advise, or hourly programming work, we can help.

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Managed Services

What is it?
Simply put, we manage the technical details while you run your business. A managed service is a cloud based technology (database, storage system, server, etc) that you can use without having to worry about management and maintenance details.

Microsoft Sql Server Database Service
Data drives business and data lives in a database. Our Microsoft Sql Server database offerings allow you to provision as many databases as you need. You never have to worry about licenses, patching, server maintenance, backups, or any other management details. We do all of that for you!

Web Application Services
With our web application services, you can quickly deploy mission critical web apps, mobile apps, or APIs. The service scales automatically to meet your traffic needs.

Encore Web Works utilizes the cloud to offer you varying types of massive storage. Whether its blob, queue, file or disk storage, we have a solution to fit your storage and budget needs.

Load Balancers
With Encore Web Works' cloud-based load balancers, you can deliver high-availability performance to your web and cloud applications. Our load balancers can be custom-configured to your requirements and can instantly scale your apps up or down.

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ADA Website Accessibility

What is it?
There are numerous guidelines regarding ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) website accessibility. ADA website compliance is about fairness and making web content accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

WCAG 2.0
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is the industry standard organizations should reference for ADA website compliance. WCAG 2.0 contains three levels: A, AA, AAA. These guidelines outline requirements designed to make web content more accessible and address the widest possible range of users.

ADA Website Compliance
ADA Website compliance encompasses multiple layers including measuring success criteria and understanding advisory techniques. Encore Web Works offers ADA website compliance reviews to help organizations understand the accessibility of their content for users with disabilities. ADA website compliance audits usually enhance customer satisfaction, too!

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